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Markets are not always efficient, nor right

Of the 46 previous declines of -10% or more in the stock market (S&P500), a little more than a third (19) became bear markets, defined as a drop of at least -20%.  Most of the -10% pull-backs – as sharp and painful as they are - turned out to be just false signals and momentary detours as the market resumed its upward march within months.  The Market at times becomes divorced from fundamentals, and over-obsessed with ‘headline’ risk.  Over-interpreting the ‘signal’ from these pullbacks is almost always a losing proposition.  Discipline in the face of noise is essential to long term out-performance. I have also observed that every now and then different asset markets go through bouts of over-pessimism or over-optimism. You may hear that a certain asset class (e.g. high-yield bonds) or sector (e.g. pharma) is ‘trading on sentiment’ rather than fundamentals; or that its price reflects an implausibly negative...
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