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When a "Dream College" Isn't So Dreamy

For a few weeks this summer we were once again lucky enough to have Liam Cronan join our office as a summer intern.  Liam has just finished his freshman year in college, he'll be spending the second half of his summer working on a political campaign.  While Liam was here he worked on a number of projects, the most prominent was building the framework of the Investment Expense Analysis tool which many of our clients have already seen the results of.   Liam had a very successful first year of college, from a grades standpoint.  However, he learned that Bentley University was not the right fit for him.  In the guest blog post below he shares his experience in coming to realize that he was at the wrong school, and the process he went through as a transfer applicant.   Almost every high school student who chooses to apply to college...
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