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Equifax Security Breach – What to do?!

Equifax – one of the three primary credit bureaus – announced last Thursday, September 7th, that they were the victims of a massive cyber-attack spanning from May – July 2017.  While cyber-attacks have unfortunately become more common in recent years, this attack is particularly notable as it is considered the largest breach of consumer data in US history, impacting approximately 143 million people in the US.  The most sensitive of personal data was compromised in this breach including Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, driver’s license numbers, and it is believed that around 209,000 people had credit card information stolen.       Here’s Our View on the steps necessary to remain protected from the ramifications of a breach of this magnitude.   Check to see if you were affected Equifax has set-up an online portal that allows individuals to check whether their personal data was compromised as part of the...
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