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Stock-picking Mutual Funds die hard… for now

The ability of traditional Mutual Fund stock-pickers to deliver out-performance has been decaying for 2 decades. A recent WSJ editorial by renowned finance scholar Burton Malkiel sites the most recent stats published by Standard-&-Poor's and they are absolutely ugly. •“More than 90% of active US managers under-performed their benchmark indexes over a 15-year period.”  •“Over 85% of small-cap managers under-performed the S&P Small-Cap Index.” •“Since 2001, 89% of actively managed International funds had inferior performance. “ •“Even in less efficient Emerging markets, index funds outperformed 90% of active funds” The total value of US public stocks is worth 25 Trillion dollars, and though active stock-picking funds still dominate with market share at around 67%, over the last 5 years their share has declined by 12%.  In terms of new money flows, the Market-Tracking index products have been taking 75-80% of the available dollars. This is partly a reflection of younger investors’...
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