Project Management for your Financial Life

Does staying on top of all the details of your financial life feel overwhelming at times?

If so, Single Point may be the place for you.

Single Point is a fee-only financial planning firm built for families looking for more than just advice.  You need a partner to make sure things get done.

Learn more about how a Personal CFO can help you through one of our two solutions:

Wealth Logistics      or      Wealth Start Up

Why does it matter how I pay for advice?  It’s not just about your investments anymore.  The complexity around managing your financial life has evolved, its time for the Wealth Management industry to do the same. Wealth Logistics is delivered by your Personal CFO via our fixed-dollar annual fee.

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We don’t believe in a “financial plan”.  We believe in financial planning.  Planning is a process.  Your life is changing everyday.  You have decisions to make everyday.  In the financial services world, everyone is an “advisor” or “planner” or “wealth manager”.  With everyone sounding the same, how do you know what you’re really getting?

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You do not need to uproot your existing financial life and accounts to work with us.  First. we get you organized and plug the leaks. Then, we keep you organized via Knudge, your custom Financial Life Calendar, as well as SingleView, your Financial Accounts Dashboard.

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Single Point Partners is a fee-only financial planning firm located in Boston, MA.