Wealth Logistics

Is Wealth Logistics for me?
I am looking for year-round financial decision support with a deep level of oversight & execution.

Below is an overview of our core service, Wealth Logistics™. We recognize everyone’s life, financial situation, and priorities are different. As a result, your experience will be customized around this general framework.

We work with you to compile and organize your financial data.  We provide you with access to your client dashboard, SingleView, which is a key component in the ongoing organization, tracking and management of your financial life.  You will also have access to Knudge, a shared ‘to-do’ list that allows us to communicate on action items and ensure nothing falls through the cracks!

We clarify your data through the ongoing review of certain financial schedules that set the foundation for planning discussions.  These schedules will vary based on the individual circumstances, but typically include:

  • Net Worth Statement/Balance Sheet & Analysis
  • Income Tax Projection
  • Cashflow: Income and Expense Analysis
  • Risk Tolerance Analysis

The financial planning process is dynamic and evolves throughout your life.  It is common for you to be juggling many decisions that need to be made, and not all of these decisions can or should be made at once.  From that perspective, there are two constant components to this process:

  1. Your Priorities – we roll-up our sleeves to analyze and address your top priorities.  We review the ‘big picture’ implications of certain decisions and quantify the cascading impact these decisions will have on other aspects of the plan. 
  2. Additional Risks and Opportunities – there are risks and opportunities that are always out there.  In addition to addressing your priorities, part of our responsibility is to be constantly evaluating which risks and opportunities should be at the top of your priority list

We believe true tax planning is one of the most overlooked areas by most financial advisors.  Tax planning needs to occur on a proactive basis throughout the year, not as a history lesson of what you should have done last year once tax filing time arrives.  We run tax projections during the year for our clients to look for opportunities to save, and as importantly to ensure No Surprises come April 15th!

We don’t believe in a “financial plan”, we believe in financial planning.  Your life is constantly evolving which means the financial strategies and decisions you make need to evolve with it.  This is the core of our model. 

You are making decisions on an ongoing basis and our role is to provide analysis, support, and implementation of those decisions.  We believe that you engage us not only for advice, but also as an accountability partner.  We provide instruction but are also there to hold your hand each step of the way to ensure everything is executed exactly as planned and Knudge is here to help us ensure nothing falls through the cracks!

This isn’t one meeting, it’s a core component of our ongoing service and value proposition.

During this part of the process we analyze different aspects of your investment portfolio, predominantly including:

  • Asset Allocation – a deep review of your investment portfolio and how it is allocated at a household level across different asset classes.
  • Risk Alignment – a discussion around how your current household level asset allocation compares to your risk appetite and capacity. 
  • Asset Location – from a household level allocation perspective, we review and determine which asset classes should be held in which type of account for optimal tax efficiency. 
  • Investment Expense Analysis – a deep review of the account and security level fees associated with the investment advisors and vehicles you are currently utilizing.  In short, you should know and understand the fees your paying – we shine a light on them. 
  • Actionable Advice – we work with you to prioritize any changes that should be made based on the above analyses.
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