The New Approach: A fixed-dollar fee

At SinglePoint, you engage with us under one simple, transparent fee designed to minimize the conflicts of interest the typical advisor is faced with.
Our fee is a fixed dollar amount, based on your total Net Worth, reviewed and renewed annually.
We’ve created this structure to focus our relationship on what’s most important in your life, not our bottom line.
  Wealth Logistics Fee
Your Net Worth Annual Fee
Up to $2.0M $7,500
$2.0M-$4.0M $15,000
$4.0M-$8.0M $25,000
$8.0M-$20M $40,000
*$20M+ $50,000

* Often, families in the $50k fee tier also have separate entities with additional decision makers involved.  In these situations we will scope if separate contracts are necessary.

Are you eligible for our Wealth Start-Up pricing?

If you are under the age of 40, and your Net Worth has not yet eclipsed $1.0 MM, you may be eligible for our Wealth Start-Up pricing.

Wealth Start-Up pricing receives our full Wealth Logistics service at a reduced price of $350/mo.

Well, you should!  We choose to be transparent about our fees because it is better for you.  Most people we speak with struggle to answer the question “how much are you paying your current advisor?”.   We understand, that since fees are typically hidden some education tends to be needed.  We provide a full expense analysis to help you understand what you are currently paying, and, put our transparent fee in context. Let us shine a light on all the fees you pay – for FREE! Click here to schedule an appointment for a free analysis.

What are the conflicts under the typical Asset Under Management approach?

Imagine you are planning to buy a second home.  You are looking for advice and guidance on how best to make this purchase.  You tend to be conservative, and don’t love the thought of adding debt.  The purchase price of the house is $1.0MM.

Your advisor makes money by charging a percentage of your account under their management each year, say 1%.  You have a $2.0MM portfolio, they are earning $20,000 per year.

You are weighing the option paying for the property with funds from your portfolio versus taking out a mortgage and you call your advisor for advice.  Can they truly give you unbiased advice when the decision you make will directly impact how much money they make?

By charging a flat fee based on your total Net Worth, we’ve eliminated this concern.

We’re not saying they are going to give you bad advice.  We’re saying its harder for you to evaluate that advice when the question “what’s in it for them?” lingers.

Net Worth is all of your assets less all of your liabilities.  In other words, your entire balance sheet.  Having done this for many years, we’ve found Net Worth to be a very good indicator of complexity; the greater your Net Worth the more opportunities you are presented with and the more risks you face.

When my NW grows and I enter a higher band on your fee schedule, does my fee immediately jump to the higher tier?

NO!  We have a 4 year process for the transition of fees.  Our contracts renew annually in January.  If your NW has grown to a tier above where it was the previous year, we’ll let you know during our year-end meeting and outline the 4 year fee transition to the next level upon contract renewal.

If you were to have a unique liquidity event and have your NW jump 2 tiers in 1 year, we simply amend the 4 year increase to start with a jump to the tier below where you should be in year 1, then up to the standard fee over the following 3 years.

All clients receive an annual update outlining exactly what their fee is, in dollar terms, for the upcoming year: No Surprises!

We take this approach because growing your wealth should be celebrated.  We are interested in long-term relationships and consider our engagement a partnership with you and your family.

*For Wealth Start-Up pricing the move from $350/mo. to our standard fee of $7,500 annually occurs in one step upon the contract renewal following the year you eclipse the eligibility requirements.

Interested in a free analysis of what you're actually paying your current financial advisor?

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Click Here To Request Analysis