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Single Point of View

Single Point of View is our way to occasionally share planning ideas relating to personal finance. Our goal is to pass along concepts that you may not be exposed to on a daily basis.

What’s Important to You?

My morning run today took me along the narrow,  twisting road that runs next to The Farmington River.  I chose not to run with headphones or music today so I could listen to the river and the birds.  The early growth of the trees is neon green right now and everything seems extra alive. About half a mile from [...]

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What do we do when stocks AND bonds both go down?

Is it time to panic?  It's always tough to live through sharp drops in the stock market.  In times like this we typically remind you of the safer components of your portfolio being available to fund your life.  Namely your cash and bonds act as a buffer to give us the time to not be a forced seller of stocks [...]

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How to Embrace Emotional Spending

Did you know our Personal CFO, Meghan Dwyer, hosts her own podcast?  Money Isn't Scary is a podcast designed to help you take an honest look at the thoughts and emotions behind your relationship with money. I’m Meghan, a mom of 2 young boys, a financial planner, and emotional spender. Despite being a financial planner, I’ve never truly felt [...]

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Ukraine Humanitarian Relief

It’s difficult to turn on the news these days without seeing the crisis in Ukraine unfold. We’ve had several clients reach-out with interest in supporting relief efforts in Ukraine and accordingly wanted to send out a message with some resources if you are considering donating. Fidelity Charitable has produced a page on their website to highlight several approved charities [...]

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Welcome Alexa Fattore!

In financial planning it is so important to understand the "why" behind our decisions.  At SPP we have tried to be very intentional with the growth of the firm and not simply allow growth to drive our direction.  In our own business planning we have started with that same question when we have asked as a company if we [...]

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What’s New(s) with Seth: January 2022

Wait, wasn’t the last “monthly” What’s New(s) with Seth in September? What happened to Q4?  Little known fact about our PCFOs, there are only 10 months in their year because Oct/Nov/Dec are all combined into one long month we call “Year-End Planning”.  They spend this time laser focused on making sure no stone is unturned for any planning opportunities [...]

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