Money Isn’t Scary is a weekly podcast I host focused on supporting women in creating a healthy and empowered relationship with money. I have a huge passion for psychology and understanding the root cause of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors around money.

I recently had the honor of talking with Meg Lefauve, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter for the Disney Pixar film, Inside Out. It was so cool to be able to talk to Meg and learn more about the inner workings of a movie that has had such an impact on me and my parenting journey. The movie was one of the first of its kind to bring emotional intelligence mainstream.

As I watch this movie with my kids, it’s incredible how much it resonates with them. The message of the movie – to let ourselves be brave enough to sit with our sadness – can sometimes be harder for adults to understand than kids because we have decades of conditioning telling us that sadness is bad. But the message of the movie is one of hope because the more we can sit with the discomfort of a not-so-great feeling, the less power it has over us.

While this episode doesn’t specifically touch on money, it is connected because our relationship with money is directly related to our relationship with ourselves. Creating awareness and understanding of our beliefs, patterns and emotions around money is an important part of the planning process, as these key factors play a significant role in guiding our decision making.

Go check out the episode (Money Isn’t Scary) and go watch Inside Out 2 when it comes out in theatres in June.

-Meghan Dwyer

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