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As a Personal CFO, I feel honored to be able to partner with my clients to strategize, discuss, debate, and process all of the aspects of their lives associated with money. I came to wealth planning as it is a space where my affinity for quantitative analysis serves the greater purpose of helping families to achieve their personal and financial goals. I bring my MBA education from Boston University’s Questrom School just as much as my experience supporting refugee resettlement efforts in my first career working for RefugePoint. I gained an understanding of the wealth planning space in my ten years working for Ballentine Partners, where I adored my colleagues and clients a like! When not working with other families, I am spending time with my own. My husband and I are coaching, troop leading and providing general Uber services to our three children. I’m thrilled to be able to support opportunities for our children through my roles with the Maynard Education Foundation and Maynard Youth Soccer.

How Much Liability Insurance Do I Need?

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How much liability insurance do I need? Should it be enough to cover a large settlement if I make a mistake? Should it cover my net worth? These are the questions we hear from clients when we are looking at premium quotes for $1m, $3m, $5m and $10m+ of excess liability insurance. I don't like [...]

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Avoiding IRS Penalties

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I've yet to meet someone who likes paying more to the IRS than they are required to.  The below article from the WSJ highlights a common IRS penalty that you want to make sure you are avoiding, penalties on under payments. You can click on the article below to read it all, but for the [...]

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