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My Long Term Care Premiums are Going Up…Again!

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You get a letter telling you your long-term care premiums are going up....again.  What is the first thing you should do?  Personally, I mutter some swear words about greedy insurance companies under my breath first. After that, the next thing to do is take a step back.  Revisit your overall situation and the reason for [...]

Review Your Health Insurance Plan

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For many people, fall marks the beginning of the open enrollment period for health insurance and other benefits.  For SPP clients you can expect to hear from Mary Casady in the coming weeks to collect some data for analysis (assuming you are either on Medicare/Exchange or have workplace coverage enrollment this time of year). This is [...]

Health Insurance: Medicare & Employee Benefits Reviews

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Fall:  leaves change, apple picking, football and health insurance.  Something like that. October 15th began open enrollment for Medicare plan choices for 2017.  If you want to review the coverage you have (Supplemental plans and Part D coverage) we have until December 7th to make changes. Open enrollment for health insurance plans through the Affordable Care [...]

NerdWallet: Life Insurance Policy

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I'm 40 years old, in good health, and considering a life insurance policy for the benefit of my wife and one-year old. Would you rather get a whole life insurance policy, or a term life insurance policy and "invest the difference" in the market? I'm also contributing to a 401K, a 529 account, and have about [...]