RJ’s Commentary January 2020

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You all know we are a financial planning firm, investments are but a piece of your overall planning.  Having said that, once a quarter we do let the investment folks have their time in the sun and allow them to share their thoughts.  Hope you find Rene's quarterly commentary helpful. It has been 5 days [...]

Tax Code Changes…Again!

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For the second time in three years, we have the pleasure* of dissecting a new bill that makes major changes to several components of the tax code. Rest assured,  we will be addressing individual planning considerations for all of our clients as we meet and talk throughout 2020.  For now, we wanted to summarize some [...]

Are Required Distribution Rules Changing?

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This Guest Blog Post was written by Vinicius "V" Hiratuka.  V is an amazingly talented  CPA & CFP® who we have been fortunate to collaborate with over the past few months.  We hope you will be hearing more from V in the months ahead.   Below, V addresses recently proposed rules affecting Required Minimum Distributions(RMD’s) and highlights [...]

Giving Back with Pro Bono Planning

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In addition to the work we do for our clients at Single Point, I am equally as proud of our team's commitment to using the knowledge and experience we have as financial planners to give back to those who need advice the most. We're honored to be featured in the below article from the Financial [...]

‘Tis the Season… For Tax Planning!

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For most people, tax season begins in February or March and entails the following: Send a completed tax organizer and your documents to your accountant in early March In 3-4 weeks, you hear back from your accountant and they tell you what you owe/are getting back In some cases, the accountant will say “you should [...]

Annual Health Insurance Renewals

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It's fall, which means it is likely the time of year for you to review your health insurance coverage.  Whether you are covered via work, Medicare, or an individual plan you should take this time to analyze your coverage and ensure you have the right plan in place for your needs going forward. Medicare [...]

Free Trading! Not Quite…

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This quarter RJ addresses the recent announcements from three major custodians (Schwab, TD, & Fidelity) that they are lowering their trading costs to $0.  You know nothing is free, so RJ shines a light on how custodians really make money and our focus on the all-in costs to our clients when helping you choose who [...]

My Long Term Care Premiums are Going Up…Again!

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You get a letter telling you your long-term care premiums are going up....again.  What is the first thing you should do?  Personally, I mutter some swear words about greedy insurance companies under my breath first. After that, the next thing to do is take a step back.  Revisit your overall situation and the reason for [...]

Introducing Knudge!

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For the past year, SPP has been incubating a new financial technology, Knudge (www.knudge.com).  The idea for Knudge was born out of the work we do for you, our clients, here at Single Point.  In addition to the Planning, Strategy, & Advice, a huge part of our role as your Personal CFO is to act [...]