Help(ers) Wanted!

Financial Planning is a helping profession.  We’re searching for our next “helper” to join the Single Point Team.

Being a financial planner isn’t all about the numbers.  In fact, personal finance tends to be more personal, than finance.

Is Single Point the right place for your career?

Open Positions

Update: This position has been filled.  Please check back later for future opportunities.

If you think the below feels like a fit, shoot us a note and attach a resume to

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Is this role right for you?

We are looking for a Planning Analyst (PA) – with (or on the path for) CFP – who will support one of our lead Personal-CFOs (PCFO).

The PCFO is the engagement lead and is supported by a dedicated PA, who as the ‘right hand’ of the PCFO attends and prepares for every client review.   Our PCFOs and PA’s are all practicing CFPs (or on the path towards it).

Beneath the PCFO/PA sit two shared central resource units providing Investment Ops and Tax Planning support.  The PA will be the primary interface with the Investment Ops and Tax Planning units, as well as with other internal and external resources.

The PA role is expected to be a stepping-stone to a career as a lead PCFO and should be viewed similar to a ‘residency’ where the resident has the chance to learn the science and the art of advising families by shadowing and supporting a seasoned lead PCFO.  (see PCFO Career Path document)

The role is designed to ensure the resident gains deep first-hand knowledge of a broad range of clients’ financial profiles, but also to be able to identify and analyze the clients’ behavioral and communication styles.

As a firm we value financial education and learning, and would mesh particularly well with someone who similarly likes to ask questions and seek knowledge.

Virtual arrangement is possible, but local Boston candidates are preferable.

While we are posting for the Planning Analyst level, please feel free to throw your hat in the ring if you feel you are at one of the other supporting role levels (Assoc. PA or Assoc. PCFO).

Is Single Point right for you?

Our team has come from all sides of the financial services industry, the one word that is mentioned most often when we ask new hires to describe SPP: Different

If you are interested in developing your skills in both the art, and science of financial planning in a supportive, collaborative team environment (with none of the typical expectations of being a salesperson instead of a giver of advice), Single Point may be the place for you.

Personal CFO Career Path

At a high level, we have 2 separate career paths:

  1. Personal CFO (otherwise known as a lead financial planner)
  2. The Team Supporting the Team (internal roles that support the PCFOs & PAs deliver the experience to clients of the firm)

Check out our detailed Career Path journey highlighting the stages of growth and progression for our Personal CFOs.

SPP Core Beliefs

We Help People:

When someone is referred to us or finds us our top priority is to ensure they leave the interaction with us having helped them, not that they become a client.  We aren’t the right fit for everyone, everyone isn’t the right fit for us, and it isn’t always the right time for them to engage with us.  However, we can always be helpful.  This might mean simply answering some questions or finding them a resource.  But we take the time to help. The mindset to help others is critical to financial planners.

Team Approach:

We have strived to purposefully design SPP to operate as a team.  Clients are considered clients of the firm, not of any one of us.  We know that by working together it will bring the best possible experience to our clients.  That is why we have tried to design all aspects of our organization through a lens of teamwork, from compensation to communication to use of technology.  


Transparency and simplification of fees is one of the core differentiators of SPP that empowers us to engage with our clients under the Personal CFO approach, where the client’s priorities – not ours – drive the relationship.  With that, we also believe in transparency internally as a firm.  We hold monthly firm meetings where you are encouraged to ask questions or bring ideas for us to improve.  We also hold monthly one on one meetings focused on your growth which allows another opportunity to express any feedback, concerns or questions.


We believe in simplicity wherever possible.  This includes our planning & investment philosophies.  Our goal is to simplify our client’s lives.

Embrace “I Don’t Know”:

No one expects you to have all the answers.  Feel comfortable saying “I don’t know”, both internally and to clients.  With that, we expect it to always be followed by “but I’ll help you find out”.  It is ok to make mistakes too, when we make them we work to correct them together.

Pro Bono:

We prioritize time for pro-bono work.  As financial planners we have a unique set of knowledge that can help so many people.  The reality is most people who truly need financial advice can’t afford it (or feel like they can’t afford it).   It’s important to us to participate in opportunities to share this knowledge we have with those in need.  We typically do this via the pro-bono programs made available through the FPA.