Wealth Start Up

Is Wealth Start Up for me?
I am not quite ready for the full Wealth Logistics service but I am eager to start setting the framework and foundation for future financial success.

Our Wealth Startup engagement is only accessible to those with a net worth under $1.0 MM

Strategy Sessions are big picture meetings.  We’re reviewing your financial data, updating your goals, and prioritizing action items.

Working Sessions are designed to make decisions and get things done.  Some examples of this include:

  • logging into your 401k together to reallocate your investments
  • completing your employee benefit selections together
  • walking through an analysis of options for refinancing your home
  • initiating a gift of stock to your Donor Advised Fund

In our Wealth Logistics service we provide ongoing, proactive management & reporting on all of your assets and accounts.  Investment advice is given and implemented at a granular level, with specific recommendations on exactly what to own and where to own it.  Where appropriate, we take discretion over the implementation (meaning we can place the trades for you) and proactively help you make decisions on when to re-balance or to invest cash.

In our Wealth Start-Up service we provide an annual review of your investment portfolio, with high-level guidance on the level of risk appropriate across your portfolio.  All implementation is your responsibility.

Knudge is a shared to-do list that helps keep track of all your action items and your financial life calendar in one place.  Knudge also sends reminders to you as important due dates are approaching to ensure you take action. With the help of Knudge we act as your accountability partner, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Knudge is available to our Wealth Logistics clients.

Our Wealth Start-Up process begins with monthly meetings over the first 3 months of our engagement.

  1. Initial Meeting: Data Collection & Review of priorities
  2. Review Data & Outline initial findings
  3. Review all findings & set action plan for the next 12 months

Yes, with our Wealth Start-Up service you can shoot us emails throughout the year to get our thoughts on decisions you are faced with.  We will hold an annual Strategy Meeting which will give you the opportunity to have us do a deeper dive on your top priorities.

Our Wealth Logistics clients experience a much deeper oversight of their financial lives, which includes proactive communication from us, typically on a monthly basis, to ensure everything is being taken care of to achieve your goals and live your best life.

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