team noun

1a number of persons associated together in work or activity: such as
     aa group on one side (as in football or a debate)

Apologies if we were a little slow in replying to any of you this morning.  Last night, the entire Single Point Team came together for the first time in person.  Cassie (Virginia), Josh (Michigan) and V (Mississippi) all made the trip to Boston this week for us to put real faces to the Zoom versions we’ve come to know.

5 years ago we were a mighty team of 2. It was an amazing moment to have the 12 of us together eating sushi and having a beverage (or 3) in our newly renovated offices.

I think about our growth and the “why” we would want to continue growing.  This picture tells that story for me.  I know that the talent we have at SPP helps us provide you with the best possible advice and experience with us, working as a team. The original “why” for our growth was the desire to do the best possible work for our clients.  I didn’t feel like the mighty team of Susan and I could do that alone.

I also know the traditional paths into this profession have been difficult ones filled with misaligned roles and incentives.  The other “why” for me to continue growing is a desire to help the profession in some small way by creating a place where young planners can develop their skills without the pressure of the “old” path.

I was fortunate to have someone who helped me launch my career in this way, and the ability to pass that experience along to others is what this growth means to me.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and thank you to all of our amazing clients whom we were celebrating the privilege to work with last night!

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