Wait, wasn’t the last “monthly” What’s New(s) with Seth in September? What happened to Q4? 

Little known fact about our PCFOs, there are only 10 months in their year because Oct/Nov/Dec are all combined into one long month we call “Year-End Planning”.  They spend this time laser focused on making sure no stone is unturned for any planning opportunities or life details on behalf our clients – therefore, there wasn’t time for much news in Q4.

So, we’re back on the human calendar for January (FYI – we tend to combine a couple months around tax time too!).

Hope you enjoy this month’s update.  Seth is back with another installment of “What’s New(s)?”  highlighting the topics that he’s following closely which might have an impact on you, as well as some others that he thinks you might find interesting or fun. 

 – Shaun

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