Looking at pictures will really put time into perspective.  6 years ago we launched Single Point Partners.  I think the picture that helps me realize how time has passed the most is of my daughter Annemarie sitting at my “desk” in 2012 contrasted with her in my office today.

Like Annemarie, Single Point has “grown up” over our first six years. Our team has strategically grown to improve the breadth and depth of service we provide. Given our evolution over the past few years, we felt it was time to update our brand and message accordingly.

The additions of Seth Corkin and Rene Jarquin over the past year have enhanced our ability to provide a true team approach. Led by your Personal CFO, Single Point’s team provides year-round decision and operational support of your family’s finances. We call it, ‘Wealth Logistics’.

Why ‘Logistics’?… Logistics is defined as the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies. Sounds a lot like the management of our personal financial lives, doesn’t it? Managing your family’s finances is about so much more than simply allocating an investment portfolio.

You likely noticed the new look of the email for our Single Point of View blogs. We’ve also revamped our website, www.spcfo.com. We encourage you to take a look and provide feedback, as you are the ones who know us best.


Single Point Partners Website in 2012 Single Point Partners Website in 2018