Actually, most of you may already know him…  we are excited to announce that Seth Corkin will be stepping into the role of Director of Financial Planning for Single Point effective January 1, 2023!

So, what is a Director of Financial Planning anyways?  Well, here at Single Point this role is focused on ensuring all clients have a consistent experience and the best possible advice for their individual financial circumstances and goals.

We are excited for Seth to share his depth of knowledge across a wide range of financial planning topics in order to impact a broader group of SPP clients.  This role builds upon our existing team structure by expanding the centralized resources available to each PCFO working directly with you.

We’re also very happy to see Seth taking these next steps in his own professional development.  He has always led by example so we are confident he will thrive in a leadership role.

We know many of you work closely with Seth and will be meeting with him over the next few months for year-end planning sessions so you will have a chance to hear more and congratulate him directly!

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