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I have had the privilege of being a fee-only financial planner for my entire career. The words that inspired me in college to pursue this work were: “A financial planner must have the mind of an economist and the heart of a social worker.” As the daughter of a therapist and a firefighter, I always knew I wanted to be in a helping profession. And as a geek for Economics and spreadsheets, I found my calling in financial planning. What I enjoy the most about this work is helping clients make their money more meaningful (enhancing family communication around money and values) and manageable (project managing the stuff they avoid or don’t know how to tackle). During my career I have helped individuals, couples, and families across the wealth spectrum. I have worked with young people in their 20s deciding how to spend their first paychecks and tackle student debt, and I have worked with multigenerational families with hundreds of millions of dollars deciding how to use their wealth to do the most good in the world. I am proud that I have only ever done this work as a fee-only advisor. Outside of work I am a casual athlete: I compete in triathlons, run for fun, rock climb, hike, and bike to commute most places. My husband, Nicolas, and I have one child and we spend most weekends at our place in Connecticut on the Farmington River.

Live Long and Prosper: Life lessons from a Timeless Classic

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My Introduction to Star Trek After we’ve put the baby to bed at night and set tomorrow’s coffee to brew, my husband and I watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was raised on Star Trek, I was not. Watching it for the first time, I am struck by how timeless it is, and [...]

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What’s Important to You?

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My morning run today took me along the narrow,  twisting road that runs next to The Farmington River.  I chose not to run with headphones or music today so I could listen to the river and the birds.  The early growth of the trees is neon green right now and everything seems extra alive. About [...]

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