A Messy Conversation About Prenups

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What happens when a romantic realist marries a hopeless romantic? A messy conversation about prenups. The topics of money, death and divorce are each hard enough to discuss on their own and a prenup is a triple whammy of all three. At once. During what is supposed to be one of the most romantic times [...]

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What You Should Know About The SECURE Act

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We haven’t heard the term “bipartisan support” used too frequently as of late.  However, the “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019” (aka the SECURE Act) seems to be an exception to the rule. The SECURE Act was passed by the House of Representatives almost unanimously (417-3 in favor).  At its very [...]

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How Budget Proposals Could Impact Your Estate Planning

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President Obama’s recently published FY2016 budget includes several tax proposals which, if enacted, would significantly affect the estate planning landscape.Our friends at Pabian & Russell, LLC, a respected Boston law firm practicing in the areas of Elder Law, Corporate Law, Estate Planning and Taxation, have written a great overview of these proposed changes and the impact [...]

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Survivor's Guide Checklist

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This financial checklist is in no way meant to be legal recommendations and is intended to get you started on tying up loose ends related to a loved one’s passing. A couple of things to note: 1.    Since each estate is unique, your own legal and accounting professionals should guide you through the overall process. 2.    If you [...]

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