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I am the daughter of a firefighter and a nurse, and I always knew that I wanted to help people. I realized that I could help people in my own way through personal connection and support. By combining my empathy and concern for others with my passion for financial planning, I’m finding my stride as a planner so that I can make a serious impact in client’s lives. Personally, I have a huge passion for empowering women, and I started the “Money Isn’t Scary” podcast, where I share my own emotional journey with money. Through sharing personal stories and beliefs, my goal is to inspire other women to explore the sometimes-uncomfortable roles that money plays in our lives. Ultimately, I aspire to remove the stigma and fear around money that exists in our culture. I came to Single Point from Modera Wealth Management, a Boston-based RIA where I worked directly with individuals and families to build holistic, comprehensive financial strategies tailored to them. I was drawn to Single Point by its unique model which feels in alignment with my personal values and beliefs. Prior to Modera, I worked in BNY Mellon’s Wealth Management division for nearly 11 years. I live in Milton, MA with my husband Craig and my two boys - Colin, age 5, and Ryan, age 3.

Inside Out

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Money Isn’t Scary is a weekly podcast I host focused on supporting women in creating a healthy and empowered relationship with money. I have a huge passion for psychology and understanding the root cause of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors around money. I recently had the honor of talking with Meg Lefauve, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter [...]

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Feeling Stressed About Money?

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Oftentimes as Financial Planners, we can get caught up in the numbers and deeper analysis of financial concepts for our clients. As helpful as this is, there’s another component to helping you feel comfortable and confident around your money: working through your relationship with it. Recently I was featured in an ‘Ask the Experts’ column [...]

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Child Tax Credit: What is it and Should I be taking it?

By |2021-09-16T18:37:57+00:00September 16th, 2021|Categories: Single Point of View, Tax Planning|

If you have kids who are dependents on your tax return, you may be wondering why you started receiving checks in the mail (or direct deposits to your bank) from the IRS in July. Earlier this summer, close to 39 million families started receiving advanced monthly child tax credit payments. With these payments came a [...]

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