How To Protect Your Children From Identity Theft

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We wanted to share this great article from the Wall Street Journal, "New on Parents’ To-Do List: Checking Children’s Credit History".  In it you will find some important resources for protecting your children from identity theft.  Experian estimates that identity theft will affect one in four children before they become an adult.  It's important to stay [...]

Elf Spotting, Financial Advisors & Fiduciaries

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It's been just over 2 years since I made this post.  The sentiment of the video and my remarks are as true today.  It was circled back to me from a great friend and client today, so I thought I would re-share it with all of you....   Thank you John Oliver for explaining the problems [...]

Fidelity Trading Costs Reduced

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Very good news for our clients with accounts held at Fidelity.  Fidelity has announced that it has reduced trading costs on equity trades (including Exchange Traded Funds) from $7.95 to $4.95 per trade.  As you may know, there are a number of iShares ETFs that trade at no cost on Fidelity's platform as well.     [...]

An Intern's Experience at Single Point

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We were very fortunate to have Liam Cronan spend several weeks with us in May as part of his high school senior project.  He was finishing up his senior year at Thayer Academy and will be starting at Bentley University in fall.  He has a great work ethic, quickly completed projects and was eager to help.  [...]

Welcome to the new Single Point of View

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Same content, new page.  We've moved our Single Point of View blog directly onto the website.  You'll notice a slightly new look to the blog.  We plan to continue using this format for communicating planning related thoughts and educational information to you.     We've also set up a Single Point Partners Facebook page if [...]

Thoughts on the Recent DOL Ruling

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  I read a study recently that stated only 30% of those who refer to themselves as financial advisors actually provide any level of financial planning.  One can only imagine that within that 30%, it is only a subset who are truly focused on planning vs. those who provide some planning as an ancillary service.   [...]

Single Point Hosts Financial Planners from Brazil

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To kick off the Financial Planning Association Conference Weekend, Single Point hosted a group of Financial Planners from Brazil. There were interesting conversations on many aspects of financial planning and investing, both domestically and cross-boarder. We also shared some of the resources and best practices we utilize to help serve our clients. The worlds of financial [...]

Save On Your Electric Bill: Summer Update

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It may be due to the heat we have had the last couple weeks or just the fact that many folks have been finally able to work on their personal "to-do" lists. Regardless of the reason, questions about switching electric suppliers have resurfaced in conversations.   Keep in mind that if you are in the middle [...]

The Value of Peace of Mind

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We help people analyze decisions that impact their financial future everyday.  Often times, the analysis that goes into making a financial decision is focused on what will have the most positive impact on your bottom line.  However, we are often reminded that the choice that may have the "best result" from a financial standpoint is not [...]

Save On Your Electric Bill

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It's Sunday, which means another snow storm in Eastern Massachusetts. As I listen to our apartment's forced hot air fan turn on again, I can't help but think about my electric bill. Last month, we were victims of, "yes I know rates are going up, but really, how much could it impact us?" Well, it did. [...]