Social Security: After April 29

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In previous posts we outlined the beginning of some big changes to social security claiming strategies this year. that the important date of April 29th has passed what should you be aware of.  One item we wanted to draw your attention to is the File & Suspend strategy for individuals.  File & Suspend is still an [...]

Important Dates for New Social Security Claiming Strategy Rules

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With the new rules for Social Security claiming strategies it is important to know the relevant dates to take advantage of the old rules.  For many, this will be out of your hands.  However, for those right around the Full Retirement Age right now (66), knowing these dates and acting in time could allow you to [...]

Congress Makes Changes to Social Security and Medicare

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As part of the Federal Budget deal passed by Congress (still to be voted on by Senate) there are a couple of major changes to both Social Security and Medicare.Social Security File & Suspend Claiming Strategy Eliminated:We have worked with many clients to develop a plan to maximize social security benefits.  Often times, this planning included [...]

Filing For Social Security Online

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Mary Beth Franklin, who writes extensively on issues involving social security, has published the below article on the benefits of filing for social security benefits online instead of calling or going to a physical office.  With so many couples using strategies like File & Suspend, it is a great article to read if you are going [...]

Social Security: Cost of Living Adjustment 2015

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Recently, the Social Security Administration announced its  COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) for 2015. This adjustment of 1.7% will be applied to payments beginning in January 2015.Also connected to this adjustment is the increase of wages subject to the Security Security Tax, going from $117,000 to $118,500.If you would like to learn more about how this [...]

Single Point of View | Social Security Planning

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From a planning perspective, we have found that one of the areas that tends to cause the most amount of confusion, and misinformation, is Social Security claiming strategies.  Unfortunately, many of the resources available to those approaching social security age seem to only compound the problem.  Employees at your local Social Security Office can be a [...]