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NerdWallet: Maximizing Contributions

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I am 32 and max out my retirement savings every year through 401k and IRA. I also save an equivalent amount that I put into savings/investment accounts. How should I think about trading off between maximizing my contributions to retirement accounts versus putting less in my retirement accounts so I have more liquid assets to put [...]

NerdWallet: 401(k)

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What happens to your 401k if you quit your job/move to another company?   Shaun Erickson CFP® Boston, MAWhen you leave, you will typically be given information on your options for your 401k plan.  Generally, you have a few options: 1) Leave it in the plan (not all companies allow this option) 2) Cash out (pay tax and [...]

NerdWallet: Traditional IRA

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If I'm around the limit for a Roth IRA (110k single I believe), should I open a traditional IRA as well? I'm starting to max my 401k and want to open an IRA as well and start maxing it. 1 person found this answer helpful Shaun Erickson CFP® Boston, MA You should discuss the benefits of this with your [...]