Long-time clients of SPP have heard me describe our process of updating our business plan each year.  Our focus for the year ahead always begins with exploring how we can best “improve the advice, service, and overall experience we deliver to our clients”. 

Our hope has always been that the outcome of this mindset would be successful relationships with you, our clients.  We strive to have our clients feel like they couldn’t imagine their lives without us involved. 

To accomplish this, we’ve known that the approach we take would need to be unique in our profession.

A byproduct of this unique approach is that we are attracting some very talented and like-minded people in our profession who have seen the way we are working with families and want to be a part of the SPP team.  With that, I am very excited to introduce you to Bob Dockendorff, our newest Personal CFO.  

You can read a little about Bob below.  It will be easy to see why we are so thrilled to have him onboard given his background as a financial planner supplemented with his tax and law training.  I’ve had a chance to get to know Bob over the past few years and have a lot of respect for him as a planner and a person, however, his relationship with Seth goes back further than that.  The two of them worked closely together at a previous firm, The Colony Group, and it is hard to find another planner Seth speaks so highly of.

I strongly believe that working as a team is the key to offering the best possible experience for you, our clients.  I am confident we have just added another amazing member to that team.