It’s difficult to turn on the news these days without seeing the crisis in Ukraine unfold. We’ve had several clients reach-out with interest in supporting relief efforts in Ukraine and accordingly wanted to send out a message with some resources if you are considering donating.

Fidelity Charitable has produced a page on their website to highlight several approved charities that are supporting the humanitarian relief efforts in different capacities (i.e. emergency humanitarian efforts, medical response, supply/logistical response, etc.).  If you are deciding between multiple charities then it’s typically helpful to compare different charities in Charity Navigator where organizations receive a score based on how they allocate funds/donations.  The higher the score, the more dollars that go towards the charitable efforts you are interested in supporting.

Additionally, Fidelity Charitable has organized a webinar on Thursday, March 31st at 3pm EST to share additional information and resources that you may find helpful.  You can register for the webinar at this link.

Please do not hesitate to reach-out if we can help support you with your charitable interests related to this or any other cause.

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