Almost Famous

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I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such a smart and talented team at Single Point.  Each day, I get to witness firsthand what an exceptional planner Seth Corkin is, it is great that the rest of the financial planning world is able to get a little glimpse.  I want to share with you that [...]

Charitable Giving in a Post-Tax Reform World

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The tax law changes at the end of 2017 drastically changed the landscape for deductible expenses – these changes have a major impact on tax optimization and planning strategies going forward. Back-up – what are deductions? Taxpayers have two deduction options when filing a return.  They can take the standard deduction (a flat amount based on [...]

Donor Advised Funds – WSJ Article

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Recently the WSJ published this article focusing on Donor Advised Funds that we wanted to share. article highlights the ways Donor Advised Funds (DAF) can help simplify & organize your family's charitable giving.  It also outlines how utilizing DAFs can help maximize the tax impact of the gifts you make.We have seen this impact firsthand in helping clients establish and manage DAFs.  Companies like [...]