Massachusetts Employers: New Paid Sick Time Law

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In November 2014, the voters of Massachusetts approved the ballot question requiring employers to provide earned paid sick time to employees. This new law comes into effect on July 1, 2015 and impacts employers of 11 or employees. Note, this is different than other regulations on healthcare that apply to "full time equivalent employees". In other [...]

SPP Client Login

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We have put together a presentation that will explain the various resources you can use to access account information. There are multiple options for viewing your accounts online, we want to make sure you find the one that works best for you. Click HERE to learn more about the Client Login page.

Chase Security Breach – What to do?

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If you are a customer of Chase Bank you are probably wondering what steps you can be taking to protect yourself.First, we would suggest not to panic and change banks based on this breach.  All banks and financial institutions are targets for these attacks.  Unfortunately, it is safe to say this won't be the last breach [...]

NerdWallet: Spending Habits

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I am 26 years old and have had some bad spending habits and am currently in debt. What is the best way to pay it down? I have been making $100,000 per year for the past couple of years. I have $30,000 in credit card debt. What is the best way of paying this down? What [...]

NerdWallet: Credit Report Delinquency

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What can I do if I have an erroneous delinquency on my Credit Report? I am using Credit Karma to monitor my credit. Today I received an update that a new account (under a financial institution I've never heard of; AMCA) has been placed in collections. The amount is nominal at $50. I don't know who [...]

NerdWallet: Mortgage Options

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What mortgage options are available for people with underwater mortgages purchased after December 26, 2009? Shaun Erickson CFP® Boston, MA You can start by checking with the Attorney General's Office in your home state.  Your state may have resources to assist with loan modifications.  For example, in MA we have the HomeCorps program which provides assistance to those [...]