If you are a customer of Chase Bank you are probably wondering what steps you can be taking to protect yourself.

First, we would suggest not to panic and change banks based on this breach.  All banks and financial institutions are targets for these attacks.  Unfortunately, it is safe to say this won’t be the last breach of a bank.

Online Access to Accounts:  We have read that usernames and passwords have not been breached and not to rush to change them.  We disagree with this thought process and think it cannot hurt to change the passwords you use to login to your accounts.

Communication from “The Bank”:  Be very cautious with the information you share with those calling or writing you on behalf of the bank.  If someone reaches out to you, we feel it is better to call the bank back directly with the number on the back of the card to verify that the information being shared / requested is truly coming from them.

Pay Attention:  Spend a little more time than normal monitoring your account transactions.  In a few months. it will be a good idea to review your credit report to ensure no one has opened any accounts with your social security number that you are unaware of.  In a previous post on Identity Theft Protection, we review in detail the steps you should take to review your credit.  Click the link below to see that post.