The Markets take the stairs up and the elevator down.

To those of you who have worked with Single Point for years I probably sound like a broken record.  I hope so, that is the point.  We are consistent in our approach to advising you on your investments.  We purposefully talk about the elevator rides down when times are good so that we are prepared to react appropriately when we’re in it.

From a planning perspective, this is why we spend time building and reviewing the appropriate level of risk for your portfolio.

We’ve received two types of questions this week:
Should we be pulling some money to the sidelines?
Should we be buying more stocks since the market is down?

The short answer is, right now, neither.  We believe in rebalancing back to your target level of risk.  Should we see the market continue to fall you will likely hear from us that we are going to do #2, buy back into stocks.  In the video below Rene will speak in a bit more detail about our philosophy.

It is normal to feel anxious when the news is uncertain.  Know that we are here if you have any additional questions.

-Shaun Erickson