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Single Point of View

Single Point of View is our way to occasionally share planning ideas relating to personal finance. Our goal is to pass along concepts that you may not be exposed to on a daily basis.

SPP Welcomes Martin Shore

The Single Point team continues to expand.  One of the most rewarding things for me personally is seeing the extremely high caliber of people we have been able to add to our group. It says a lot about our current team and our approach to working with families that we are attracting such talent. In getting to know Martin over [...]

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Almost Famous

I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such a smart and talented team at Single Point.  Each day, I get to witness firsthand what an exceptional planner Seth Corkin is, it is great that the rest of the financial planning world is able to get a little glimpse.  I want to share with you that he is featured in [...]

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Portfolio-based Credit – The good, the bad and the ugly

Groucho Marx famously said…  “I would never want to join a club that would have me as its member” Similarly, banks love nothing more than to lend to borrowers who have no need to borrow. And the high-net-worth clients of banks’ brokerage or wealth management units are an obvious object of their affection:  the portfolios they manage for these families [...]

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Review Your Health Insurance Plan

For many people, fall marks the beginning of the open enrollment period for health insurance and other benefits.  For SPP clients you can expect to hear from Mary Casady in the coming weeks to collect some data for analysis (assuming you are either on Medicare/Exchange or have workplace coverage enrollment this time of year). This is an important time to [...]

SPP Welcomes Mary Casady

We could not be more excited to announce the addition of Mary Casady to the SPP team as our newest Planning Analyst.  As our team continues to grow, I am encouraged by the various paths we have all taken to arrive at Single Point.  I know these unique experiences help us approach issues from various angles, which is an immense [...]

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1970s Inflation Redux?

Should we fear a replay of the 1970’s High-Inflation era? Today’s jobs report points to an unemployment rate of 3.7% - the lowest since 1969, the year when the worst outbreak of inflation began to be felt.  From 1969 to 1982 inflation spiked to 7.3% annually and wrecked stock and bond returns – which were negative in real terms. Though [...]

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