How To Read a Financial Aid Award Letter

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It is the time of year that many students are receiving acceptance letters to colleges.  With that comes navigating the financials involved with paying for it.  Below is an article from EFC Plus with an explanation on how to read a Financial Aid Award Letter.  The most important part of analyzing the information is in separating [...]

Changes to the Federal Student Aid Process

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This month, President Obama announced some significant changes to the FAFSA program starting next year.  One of the key changes to be aware of is changing the date when you are able to submit an application.  Starting next October, you will be able to file as early as October 1st, as opposed to January 1 under [...]

Student Loan Follow Up

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As a follow up to our post earlier this week, today CNNMoney published an article on the differences between public & private loans in the case of death of the borrower.  This illustrates another big difference between the two types of loans.Click the link below for the article.

Student Loan Repayment Options

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In our previous post we briefly mentioned the various options available to recent graduates for repayment of their student loans.  Here is an overview of those options along with some important resources to consider when deciding the best strategy for yourself.What Type of Loans Do I Have?The first thing to understand is the type of loan [...]