Review Your Health Insurance Plan

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For many people, fall marks the beginning of the open enrollment period for health insurance and other benefits.  For SPP clients you can expect to hear from Mary Casady in the coming weeks to collect some data for analysis (assuming you are either on Medicare/Exchange or have workplace coverage enrollment this time of year). This is [...]

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Planning For Medicare

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If you weren't able to catch our webinar on Medicare, you can watch the recording here: always, feel free to contact us with any questions. Call 617-600-0510 or email

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Save the Date | Planning for Medicare

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Single Point Partners is hosting an educational Webinar on Medicare. This presentation is geared towards people approaching Medicare eligibility or already on Medicare; it covers the enrollment timeline, Medigap plans, availability to early retirees, and much more.Online WebinarWe will email you instructions on how to view the webinar when the event gets closer.Wednesday, September 30th2:00pmFor updates [...]

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Medicare Premiums to Increase for High Income Beneficiaries

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New legislation that was recently passed, known as the "Doc Fix" also has provisions that will change the income tiers for Medicare premiums beginning in 2018 (based on your income from the 2016 tax year).  While this is not the focus of the new law (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015) it is one [...]

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Medicare & HSAs

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A quick note about the impact of filing for Medicare on HSA plans.  If you are still working past 65, and are enrolled in an HSA plan through your health insurance plan, you want to be careful about your selections for Medicare.Enrolling in any part of Medicare, including enrolling only in Part A, makes you ineligible [...]

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Medicare: What you need to know about Nursing Care coverage

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One of the listed benefits of Medicare Part A is nursing care.  However, there have been many examples of people being surprised by a bill for nursing care that Medicare said it would not cover.  These situations can cur when someone is initially hospitalized, then moves to a nursing home for follow up care.  It all has [...]

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Medicare: Part B & D Premiums & Other Costs

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We continue our Medicare Planning series of blogs with additional information on the costs of Part B & D plans.  Below is the breakdown of costs for Part B coverage in 2014 (and the additional cost for Part D) based upon your Modified Adjusted Gross Income each year.  We recommend looking at your tax return (and current year income [...]

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Medicare: When & How to Enroll:

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Medicare:  When & How to Enroll: In our ongoing series of posts on planning for Medicare, we move onto when and how to enroll.  Please click this link to view our previous post on Planning For Medicare, which provides an overview of the Medicare system. is important to enroll in at least Part A of Medicare [...]

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